Bookstores bring hope to Greece.

By April 7, 2011

Greece (MNN) — Did you know that far more people in Greece are
likely to visit a Logos bookstore than to visit an Evangelical church?

That's why the Reverend Meletis Meletiadis, Chairman of the
General Synod of Greek Evangelical Churches, has said, "A Christian bookstore is
the best tool of evangelizing Greece."

AMG International has taken
that to heart as they have looked for ways to bring the hope of the Gospel to a
disinterested country.

For five decades or more, Logos bookstores have been a consistent,
public Gospel witness to the people of Greece. LOGOS currently operates six
bookstores which become evangelistic centers.

Many come into the
bookstore to make copies or to purchase school supplies, others come because
they're curious, and the clerks strike up friendships with their customers,
eventually sharing the love
of Christ with them. There's a
bookstore in Athens, Thessaloniki, Larissa, and Volos. Logos also operates stores in Albania and

Their vision: to open an
evangelistic bookstore in every major Greek city. The bookstores also provide the
local evangelical churches great visibility in the community, a referral point
for new believers, and a service opportunity for current believers.

Once established, each one is well on its way to being
self-supporting through book and magazine sales and the support of the local
church in that location. The bookstore
ministries are complemented by the monthly publication, Voice of the Gospel,
and by Logos Music, a ministry that publishes Christian music and has hosted
programs and concerts with well-known musicians.

The evangelical community in Greece estimates that it takes
about $20,000 USD to secure a location, prepare for, and open new a Logos
bookstore. Local believers are currently ready to open three more Logos
bookstores, but they lack funding to start up the ministry, as well as to sustain the staffing and business costs.

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  • Dianna says:

    I am visiting my cousins in Athens, Greece, right now – and am looking for a Greek language New Testament, preferably one with content pre-dating the Byzantine era. Basically, I am looking for a New Testament as close to the original as written by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John as the originals.

    Thank you,

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