BPM finds arterial function in the Body of Christ worldwide

By July 16, 2013

International (MNN) — You’ve probably heard of the Bible Pathway devotional. With 15 minutes a day, it helps you read the whole Bible in a year.

Pastors in northern Nigeria recently received vital leadership resources from Bible Pathway. (Image courtesy Bible Pathway)

Pastors in northern Nigeria recently received vital leadership resources from Bible Pathway. (Image courtesy Bible Pathway)

Dr. John A. Hash planted the seeds of the Bible Pathway devotional in 1973, running a small ad in a religious publication offering a free Bible study guide. The concept gained traction and within two years, readership had escalated to 50,000.

By the end of the 1980’s, over 60 million Bible Pathways had gone into 186 different countries in more than 20 languages. Today, Bible Pathway Ministries has grown to include an outreach to third-world pastors, Bible distributions and Bible reading marathons.

While the ministry is known for their devotional, Bible Pathway’s Karen Hawkins says there’s much more “under the surface”.

“Think of us as your support group for any kind of evangelism or mission outreach, whether it’s here in the States or whether it’s around the world; that’s what we’re all about,” Hawkins says.

Bible Pathway functions like an artery in the worldwide Body of Christ. Just as arteries in the human body deliver necessities like oxygen and nutrients, Bible Pathway delivers vital resources like Bibles and Pastor’s Libraries.

“In other countries, there are so many people who never have opportunity to go to Bible school, cannot afford a Bible,” Hawkins explains. “So, one of the main things that we do is [sending] Bibles and Scriptural material to pastors in other countries.”

In recent days, Bible Pathway sent resources to pastors in 36 different countries, who received them at no cost. Thirty pastors in Nigeria are among the spiritual leaders worldwide who received a Pastor’s Library from the group.

“In the north, the persecution is tremendous,” says Hawkins “Believers go to church on Sunday, [and] then someone comes along and locks the doors, and burns them. Hundreds of Christians are being burned alive.

“We are sending 30 pastors in Nigeria material to strengthen them; to help him to turn around and teach his people, so they can be strong and face the persecution.”

Hawkins tells of yet another Bible Pathway effort, this time in South America. Last week, CDs containing the Spanish translation of Bible Pathway (El Camino Biblico) were sent to Peru and Argentina. Spanish devotionals will then be printed in-country.

“We do not charge for that, we don’t even ask that they put our name on it,” says Hawkins. “We just say, ‘Here, get it done, get it into people’s hands’.”

But, someone has to pay for the materials. That’s where Bible Pathway needs your help.

“We are a channel, and we can channel your funds, we can channel your materials, but we do need the items, or the funds, to come to us so we can do that,” says Hawkins.

“Each one of us is one cell in the Body of Christ. I am one, you are one; each church is one cell. But when the cells come together and work together, a lot more gets done.”

Click here to help Bible Pathway financially. Got extra Bibles? Click here to send them to Bible Pathway by mail.

“If you happen to be in the greater Nashville area, give us a call, there are things you could do to help us here,” Hawkins adds.

Ask the Lord to sustain Bible Pathway as an important vessel in the Body of Christ. Pray for more resources to reach believers around the world.

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  • My wife and I are desiring to contact Karen Hawkins. I know she wrote this article. Can you help us get in contact?

    Chaplain Gene Bartholf,retired

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