Brazilian Christians minister to Afghan refugees

By December 17, 2021

Brazil (MNN) — The Sammy Tippit Discipleship App has now been released in multiple languages spoken all around the world. Sammy Tippit is already hearing amazing stories about how Christians are using the app.

For instance, one group of Brazilian Christians uses the app as they fellowship with Afghan refugees. Tippit says, “The Afghan refugees have been sent all over the world [since the Taliban seized control of the country]. And they’re receiving in Brazil thousands of Afghan refugees. The group that we’re working with has taken in a number of them. They use the Portuguese app and the Dari app because the materials are exactly the same. They can disciple Brazilians and Afghans using both apps.”

Tippit says that’s the ultimate vision for this app: discipleship across languages. “Because you find in the book of Acts when people heard the Gospel in their own language, everyone was in amazement.”

Get involved

You can join this same work by downloading the app for free. It’s available in the Apple Store and Google Play. Tippit says, “There are people from all over the world right here in the US. Do you know someone who speaks another language like Russian, Romanian, Dari, Arabic, Spanish, or Portuguese? We have all this material in those languages.”

Just search for “Sammy Tippit” to download the English app. To download the app in another language, Tippit says, “Just type in ‘Sammy Tippet’ and put the language: ‘Sammy Tippit Punjabi’ or ‘Sammy Tippet Hindi’ or ‘Sammy Tippet Spanish.’ That discipleship app will come up and you’ll be able to download it.”



The header photo shows Afghans evacuated from Kabul, Afghanistan shortly after the Taliban takeover. (Photo courtesy of Staff Sgt. Trevor Rhynes, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons) 

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