Break down Muslim stereotypes, open opportunities for Christ

By April 24, 2019

Middle East (MNN) — Say it with me; the term terrorist is not equivalent to the term Muslim. The term Muslim is also not equivalent to the term terrorist. However, it is clear Islamophobia is permeating the West and driving fear into the hearts of Christians. Read more on the topic here. 

Prayercast is breaking down common stereotypes of Muslims through its “Love Muslims” campaign. Prayercast’s Chris Ruge says one specific topic these stereotypes impact is national security.

“I will be the first to admit that this is not a sound bite issue. There are complex factors involved in conversations there had related to national security. The most important thing that we need to remember as followers of Jesus is that our allegiance is to him first and foremost…And as people of God, grafted into his, into his family and adopted into his family as children of God, we have been called to live according to the precepts that he has laid out for us,” Ruge says.

Fear or Trust?

Sometimes, this means replacing fear with prayer and trusting God in the process. Ultimately, God is in control and uses all things to work for the good of those who love Him. But also, if Christians live in fear, they could miss out on precious opportunities to share about Christ’s love, His truth, and the Gospel message.

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“The reality is that God’s bringing them to us. There are cities and towns across America where God has brought Muslim refugees from very hard places so that they would have an opportunity to hear about Jesus Christ. Because the reality is they did not have that opportunity where they were,” Ruge explains.

In some areas where Muslims could hear the Gospel and respond, the pressures in their communities and even their families are intense and often lead to persecution. (Read about the top 50 countries where it is most difficult to be a Christian here.)

Pray for Muslims

Now, as Muslim refugees attempt to find a new normal in a country that is not yet their own, and if they do not allow harmful stereotypes of Muslims to get in their way, Christians have the opportunity to offer Muslims something which can never be taken away—faith in Christ.

Moving forward, pray for Muslims, who also often suffer at the hands of extremists. Pray for God’s protection, but also for an opportunity to be a part of His plan to make His love known. Ask God to open opportunities in your life to pray for and with local Muslims. Also, pray God would heal those who have been hurt by Islamic extremism and come to a place of forgiveness and an openness to sharing the Gospel even with those who have been called their enemies.

Find more ways to pray for Muslims through the “Love Muslims” campaign here.



Header screen capture courtesy Prayercast.

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