Breaking Global Hunger down to the individual

By September 17, 2015
(Photo courtesy Baptist Global Response)

(Photo courtesy Baptist Global Response)

International (MNN) — When we say Global Hunger, there’s not really an image of an individual that comes to mind. Instead it’s more like a sea of unknown faces. Baptist Global Response (BGR) encourages you to look closer.

Right now, there are nearly 800 million individuals that are malnourished, according to the World Food Programme (WFP).

Each one needs help. This includes refugee families who have fled ISIS or Boko Haram, children who have lost their parents due to disasters like the Nepal earthquake, and forgotten people who live in extreme poverty.

While the issue is easily ignored when you’re not near it, look around. Malnutrition affects nearly half of all countries, according to the 2015 Global Nutrition Report. That could include yours.

While nearly 800 million is already a scary number to begin with, the threat of that growing is even scarier. But what if you could make a dent in that number?

BGR’s Global Hunger Sunday is October 11, a time to take a step forward and start ending malnutrition.

BGR has partnered with Global Hunger Relief to feed people around the world.

A recent video shows some of the workers who brought 100 tons of food to a forgotten village in Nepal. Villagers they served are just a few people they’ve been able to help. And, with your support, they’ll be able to bring tangible encouragement to even more.

In Jesus’ name, they are using food as a bridge to share the hope and peace only God can provide.

“You’re helping to give food to those who need it the most,” says Jeff Palmer of BGR. And, 100% of any donation you make will go toward ending world hunger.

Start making a difference in the life of an individual or a whole family today.

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