Bridge of Hope centers temporarily close

By May 18, 2015
Two Nepali boys help each other cross the river, carrying 66 lbs. rice and a tent after a recent relief distribution event. (Photo, caption courtesy GFA)

Two Nepali boys help each other cross the river,
carrying 66 pounds of rice and a tent after a
recent relief distribution event.
(Photo, caption courtesy GFA)

Nepal (MNN) — A ministry to South Asia is closing all 20 of its children’s centers as risk runs high in Nepal.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the chance of more large-scale earthquakes striking Nepal is lowering, but the risk remains high for smaller, yet equally-traumatic, tremors.

“The Bridge of Hope Centers have to be closed for some time, and then we’ll reopen as soon as things are able to be run without fear of any aftershocks, or things falling down on the kids,” shares Gospel for Asia’s Danny Punnose.

“Our first concern is to make sure the kids are okay.”

GFA cares for the physical and spiritual needs of impoverished, vulnerable children through their Bridge of Hope ministry. At 20 Bridge of Hope Centers in Nepal, GFA national staff and global sponsors pair up to provide educational support, a nutritious meal, medical care, and–most importantly–the love of Christ.

Committed care

Children aren’t the only focus of GFA. National staff has been on-the-ground helping Nepal’s people since Day One, meeting immediate needs and looking for ways to help long-term.

(Photo courtesy GFA)

(Photo courtesy GFA)

“This is a time to be Christ’s hands and feet…and to really show compassion,” says Punnose.

“Some of the people that we talk to, all they want is for someone to sit next to them and just to be with them, and to give them comfort at this time.”

GFA Compassion Services workers are continuing to bring relief to the needy, especially those in rural, hard-to-reach areas that have not yet received aid. Compassion Services teams are bringing in food, clean water, shelter, and more.

In many of these villages, believers who attend fellowships led by GFA-supported pastors are suffering, too. Some have lost homes and no longer have a place to meet to worship. Despite this, local believers and pastors have assisted Compassion Services teams as they provide aid.

“One of our leaders on the field, I was talking to him the other day and he was telling us after the second earthquake…. People are SO scared now,” shares Punnose.

“Our people going around and helping [survivors] with food and tents and blankets, and just getting them back on their feet, is really helping people have some hope that there is a future in all of this.”

What can you do?

GFA is committed to helping the people of Nepal survive and thrive, no matter how long as it takes. There are a few things you can do, too.


(Graphic courtesy GFA)

(Graphic courtesy GFA)

“Prayer is a HUGE thing that we can do,” Punnose says. “Ask your churches and congregations to take five minutes out of the Sunday service and pray for Nepal.”

Here are a few of the prayer needs listed on GFA’s Web site:

  • Ask God to enable Compassion Services teams to reach every needy village with His love and help.
  • Provision for those who are lacking food, clean water, or shelter.
  • Comfort for those grieving the loss of loved ones, homes, or livelihoods.
  • Protection for relief teams and all the people of Nepal.
  • Many to understand the love of Jesus and find His peace during this time.


Your financial support of GFA’s efforts helps provide physical and spiritual help to earthquake survivors.

Visit GFA’s Web site to make a secure online donation.


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“A lot of times, people see this as kind of just an awareness campaign, and they forget these are real people. Real people are suffering, and real people have died,” says Punnose.:

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