Bridge of Hope enrollment exceeds 72,000

By December 23, 2014
Photo by Gospel for Asia

(Photo by Gospel for Asia)

Asia (MNN) — Just because children are waiting for sponsors doesn’t mean they have to wait for education, right? And it certainly shouldn’t mean they have to wait to hear about Jesus.

Gospel for Asia desires for all children to be able to be educated, and through their education, hear about the love Jesus has for them.

GFA reports that over 72,000 children are now enrolled in their Bridge of Hope centers and schools. They believe this ever-growing number is due to God’s blessings.

GFA enrolls children who are otherwise unable to go to school. Many of these children are Dalits, also known as “Untouchables.” Through Bridge of Hope, these children and their families come to understand that they are not untouchable or unlovable and on the contrary they are loved very much.

They hear the message of Jesus’ love, receive a quality education, get school uniforms, medical care, and meals. This is made possible through child sponsorship.

Photo courtesy of GFA

(Photo courtesy of GFA)

When children are brought into the program, there is often a delay before permanent sponsors can be found. GFA is asking those who are willing and able to give to their Unsponsored Children’s Fund so that these children don’t have to wait to start learning about God.

You can help with that here.

If you’re interested in sponsorship, click here.

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