Bright Hope brings Good News to the poorest of the poor through Christmas catalogue

By November 29, 2011

International (MNN) — Thursday represented a time of Thanksgiving in the United States. But Friday meant something else entirely: Christmas shopping.

"Black Friday" has become a day of extreme shopping in the U.S., all under the auspices of buying Christmas gifts for friends, family, and even the shoppers themselves. It's a time to get in the holiday spirit and spend, spend, spend on gifts.

Of course for many around the world, the Christmas season is as ordinary as any other time of year. The poorest of the poor do their best to scrape by and feed their children as they do every other day. Even the smallest gifts are out of the question.

Black Friday might make you queasy, or it might make you light up. Either way, Bright Hope International has found a way to combine the gift-giving spirit and the general wealth of the West with the poverty and need of those living on less than a dollar a day.

Through Bright Hope's annual Season of Hope gift-giving catalog, you can help deliver meaningful, practical help to an individual or family living in extreme poverty.

Instead of buying one more item during holiday shopping sales, share in the wondrous spirit of Christmas to provide Hope to those who are hurting. A simple gift can be life-changing for a person in poverty. It gives them a hope for today, tomorrow, and eternity. You can even use the catalog to honor loved ones on your Christmas list: give a gift of Hope and healing by purchasing gift tags in their name with the gifts of your choice.

Gifts through Bright Hope include necessities as basic as food for orphans and blankets for school children, to gifts as life-changing as college scholarships or new churches. View the catalog here.

Bright Hope has also created a one-minute video of a child who received a gift of Hope through a life-changing surgery given by someone like you at Christmas. Watch it here.

Turn your love for the holidays into a transformational gift this Christmas. Each gift will be presented by people who love the Lord and will share the Gospel story with each recipient. As you give this year, change a life.

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