Bright Hope gives opportunity to ‘Share Your Story’

By June 13, 2011

International (MNN) — We all have stories to tell: stories of joy, of pain, of birth, of death. History is composed of stories. So is the Bible.

One ministry wants to hear your stories–specifically, those encounters you've had with poverty.

Bright Hope International helps the poorest of the poor–those living on less than a dollar a day–in 10 countries around the world. The ministry has archives-full of stories about God's work with the poor. But now, they want to hear from you.

"There are so many great stories out there of people that have been engaged with the extreme poor. We want to invite people to share those," says president Craig Dyer.

The "Share Your Story" Campaign invites you to reflect on your own stories and think of ministry in new ways as you listen to others. As Bright Hope compiles the stories of Christ followers around the globe, they will start an online archive for people to engage with and enjoy.

"We want to gather as many stories as possible from as many different places as possible and say, ‘Hey, here's what God's doing. Here are the lives that are changed.' We can be challenged by it, be emotionally moved by it, celebrate, and maybe even cry as we read accounts of individuals meeting widows and orphans and people in need."

Perhaps a residual effect of the online forum to read and share stories could also be that unsaved people would be changed by the power of God's work. Dyer says, "I think people who don't share our faith in the Lord Jesus are attracted by our desire to help people in need." Hearing about what God's doing in the world and through His followers could be pivotal for some.

As you share your stories of ways you've interacted with the world's most poor–whether across country lines, through financial gifts, or face-to-face on a mission trip, you will get to experience Kingdom fellowship firsthand.

Dyer urges, "Come, share your story. It can be a couple of sentences, a couple of paragraphs. Be part of God's work among the poorest of the poor, and let's encourage each other and strengthen what God is doing there."

Share your story now at

As you think about your experience and listen to others', you may feel compelled to be a part of God's work with the very poor. If you would like to help financially, now's the time. Bright Hope currently has a matching grant option of up to $30,000 through July. Every dollar you give will be matched with another dollar.

If you want to turn your $35 into $75 to bring hope, sustainability and the Gospel to the poor, give with Bright Hope at

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