Bright Hope launches ‘Season of Hope’ campaign

By December 9, 2010

(MNN) — Christmas is a time of extremes. On the one hand, it's a season of faith, miracles, and grace. On the opposite end of that spectrum there is the
poverty of mind and body highlighted by hopelessness. 

also the best time to make inroads with the Gospel because these themes are on
everyone's mind. That's why Bright Hope
launched the Season of Hope Campaign. It's a project where gifts will help change
lives for the extreme poor.

Sometimes the simplest
solutions are life-changing in the Third World countries of Africa, Asia, and
Latin America. A hot meal, a mosquito
net, a blanket, or a family makes a world of difference to a child, most often
among the most vulnerable victims of poverty.

A Season of
gift can help provide micro-loans and job training for many
families. Through it, men can earn
enough to sustain their families, or women can make crafts, baked bread, or ewing
projects to sell, serving as a working example to their children and the
entire village.

However, metaphorically
speaking, "giving a man a fish" does little until you first "teach him how to
fish."    This is where the partnership of
the indigenous churches come into play in the 10 countries Bright Hope

The teaching comes
through the distribution of Bibles in native languages and pastor/church
support — discipleship in action. The extreme poor will receive help through
their local churches, which are at the core of Bright Hope's outreach, delivering physical,
economic, and spiritual hope to all they encounter. 

The Season of
catalog offers twelve gifts that can be given on behalf of a
friend or loved one that will truly make a difference in the poorest parts of
the world. These are gifts that will change lives by providing health,
food, job opportunities, and hope to people and communities ravaged by poverty —
those living on less than $1 a day.

There are many more ways
to get involved. Click here.

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