‘Bring These 400 Home’ Campaign costs a cup of coffee

By July 23, 2015

International (Bethany) — Imagine if all you had to do to help special needs orphans was give up a cup of coffee. That’s exactly what Bethany Christian Services is asking you to do with their new “Bring These 400 Home” campaign.

The Premise

Bethany has identified 400 special needs orphans from around the world who need families to take them in. They’ve also managed to find Christian families across the United States who are willing to adopt them!

The problem? International adoption is expensive, especially when the children will require ongoing medical care.

Photo Courtesy Bethany Christian Services

(Photo Courtesy Bethany Christian Services)

These families and children are ready to be paired, but they can’t afford to take the next step. That’s where your morning coffee comes in.

A Cup of Coffee

It starts with you. Give up $3.33 a day–the price of a cup of coffee–for 3 months and start your own campaign page. The personalized campaign page will include a video of you asking your friends to join the campaign, and the flood will spread. Your friends can choose the Coffee option–$3.33 a day, or the Tea option–$1.67 a day, and join campaign.

All that’s required is $3.33 a day for 3 months from 33 of your friends. By the end of those 3 months you will have raised $10,000 dollars! The money will go to adoption fees, medical needs, traveling costs, and more.

Personalized Campaign Page (Photo Courtesy Bethany Christian Services)

Personalized Campaign Page
(Photo Courtesy Bethany Christian Services)

And it doesn’t end there. During and after your campaign, you and your friends will receive information about where your money has made an impact. You’ll receive updates on how many children have been matched with families because of your money, and you’ll also hear stories and see photos of children who now have families. Throughout the campaign you’ll see updates on children waiting for your funds.

Bethany Christian Services is asking you to help these families. Each special-needs child has already been matched with a family; all that’s required is the funds to put them together. You can start your own Bring These 400 Home campaign right here.


  • Cecily says:

    Hi! I heard about the “Bring These 400 Home” campaign awhile back. Is it still going on? If so, are there children from Bulgaria who are among these 400 children? And, if so, would it be possible to do a campaign to help these specific kids?

  • Sharon Felten says:

    Cecily, Here is the info page to learn more about the “Bring These 400 Home” campaign: http://bringingthese400home.bethany.org/
    To find out the current status of the kids from Bulgaria, contact Bethany Christian Services at 800-BETHANY. God bless!

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