Bringing Bible hope into flood-torn Kerala

By September 24, 2018

India (MNN) – The floods in Kerala state in India have taken about 400 lives since June. More than a million others have been displaced and currently reside in thousands of refugee camps around the state.

From Flooding to Fever

Over the first twenty days of August, more than 160% more rain than normal pelted the state. As a result, more dams than ever have been opened and flood waters have reached monumental levels.

(Photo courtesy of Mission India)

The floods may be subsiding, but unfortunately, the troubles are not over. Now, in addition to the flood damage, many are facing the reality of water-borne diseases like leptospirosis or rat fever. People are struggling for daily necessities and hope seems far away.

Yet local Christians know where their true hope and peace are found. Even while battling disease and poverty they are asking for Christian books and resources to encourage their own hearts and help them share Jesus with others.

Sending Hope in Seed Containers

Jason Woolford, Executive Director of Mission Cry, explains that the storms ruined many of the resources previously sent to the area. Now with people searching for peace in the midst of chaos, these resources are becoming vital.

Woolford explains that even in these difficult times, the Word of God does not return void. “We’re going to be giving these to Christians that are going to be able to have an opportunity to go in and minister to some of these people who might now be open to hearing something other than what they currently believe.”

Battling Increased Pressure

However, these words are not always welcome. This area and surrounding states in India are becoming more and more resistant to Gospel witness. In the past, Kerala has been a sort of jumping off point, where Mission Cry has been able to send resources to be distributed into states with more oppression for Christians. However, that has become more difficult with the flooding there.

Unfortunately, Woolford explains that rerouting and sending resources directly into some other areas of India is not really an option. “It can be a very very difficult and rough place to get Bibles and Christian books into. And it’s one of the areas where one of our Mission Cry CRI missionaries was beaten and imprisoned for distributing the Word of God.”

Join Mission Cry in Prayer

But God has provided for a new seed container full of resources to go to India. Pray for Mission Cry and local Indian believers as they bring and distribute the Gospel through seed containers in flood-burdened Kerala state. Pray that their work will continue unhindered.

Please also pray for local Christians as they seek to rebuild their lives and homes after the damage of the storm.

Join Mission Cry in bringing hope to people around the world through the ministry of Christian books and Bibles. Learn more here.



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