Bringing playtime to needy kids

By May 29, 2012

Zambia (MNN) — What's a good way to keep kids entertained? Take them to a playground!

And new playgrounds are just what kids in western Zambia are getting.

A 3,483 pound shipment container from Kids Alive International (KAI) recently arrived in Mongu, located in western Zambia, with the equipment to build three playgrounds for orphans in KAI schools and children’s homes. The container also had chairs, clothing, books, shoes, and a laptop.

Two mission teams with KAI will be sent over to Zambia to set up the playgrounds. The first team will go in mid-June.

KAI was especially thankful for this container delivery since, in the past, many of their aid containers have gotten delayed by red tape, and the mission teams have barely had time to distribute the contents. But this container for Zambia flew through customs in less than a day!

New playgrounds nearly always get kids pumped. But for Zambian children, a playground holds so much more than just the entertainment factor.

Pastor Lubinda Sikufele with KAI in Zambia says, “[The playgrounds will] take them away from the mischievous activities…so this play equipment is a blessing.”

There are no other safe, nice playgrounds for kids to enjoy in Mongu. Often, children who are taken in by KAI children’s homes and schools come from rough backgrounds.

According to Sikufele, “I must confess [the children] are really blessed to be with Kids Alive International…they provide the education. Kids Alive also provides the food, the clothing, the love, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Ministering the Gospel message in everything is what KAI is all about. “For most of these children, where they come from, their families do not believe in the God we believe in,” says Sikufele. “So usually when they come into our care, into our schools, and into our homes, they are introduced to the transforming power of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

The playgrounds will be built for Kids Alive Lilato Children’s Home housing 65 orphans and abandoned kids, as well as Kids Alive Emmanuel School and Kids Alive Jerusalem School where 400 of the poorest area children attend.

Pray for safety of the teams as they head to Zambia next month and for KAI’s ministry in Christ to the orphaned and needy.

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