British government steps in to investigate genocide

By April 27, 2010

Burma (MNN) — The plight of the hunted Karen people continues to go ignored by almost every nation but one.

Genocide of the Karen people has been going on for years but has only been recognized by one government — and even that was just recently. Nonetheless, Wes Flint with Vision Beyond Borders hopes this involvement is a step in the right direction.

"The British government has actually decided to support an establishment of a UN commission of inquiry to investigate perpetrators in Burma in this Burmese regime to perhaps call these Burmese generals to justice," says Flint.

Throughout the Burmese-enforced genocide, homes have been burned, people have been killed, and thousands of Karen have been forced to flee to refugee camps. The atrocities may be despicable to all but should be an even greater concern for Christians across the globe. Their very brothers and sisters are the targets.

"The genocide is against certain tribal groups, especially the Karen," says Flint. "Most, by far are Christians, and a lot of the persecution has to do with their faith."

Despite the extreme terror afflicting the Karen, believers have shown incomprehensible courage. Many Karen children have been separated by death or displacement from their parents, but even their faith remains strong as they praise God and trust him in all things.

Vision Beyond Borders has seen this faith displayed firsthand through their contacts and is doing what they can to help bring in supplies for refugees before the rainy season (which begins in early June) makes roads impassable. Because no other international help has poured in, NGOs like VBB are forced to take the bulk of the work. Praise God that VBB can at least do it in the name of Christ.

Despite a serious lack of international involvement, you can help bring justice in Burma. Contact your senators and representatives today to make them aware of the atrocities. Above all, pray hard for justice in the Burmese regime and for perseverance of the Karen. For a full 30-day prayer guide for Burma, click here or call (406) 587-2321.


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