British missionaries arrested in Gambia

By December 11, 2008

Gambia (MNN) — A British missionary couple is in custody in Gambia after being charged with sedition. The Gambian government claims 60-year-old David Fulton and has 46-year-old wife, Fiona, are accused of sending letters criticizing Gambia's government to individuals and groups.

The Fulton's had lived in Gambia for 12 years, serving as chaplain with the Gambian army.

Jonathan Racho with International Christian Concern says, "Both of them were very active in spreading the Good News among the Muslims in the country. 90-percent of the people in the Gambia are Muslims."

Gambia is a tiny West African nation of 1.7 million people and is among the world's poorest nations.

Racho says the couple's two-year-old adopted daughter has also been affected. "She was also originally imprisoned with her mom. But after a few days, authorities decided to remove the two-year-old from the mother." She's not being taken care of by family friends.

Racho believes he knows why the Muslim-led government arrested the couple."They feel threatened by the Christians in that country. S, they want to stop them from spreading the Good News."

This situation isn't something you should ignore. Racho says, "I ask the listeners to call their representatives in the United States and overseas so that the Gambian authorities will be told to immediately release these Christian missionaries."

According to Racho, David needs to be released. "Currently he is in a very serious condition. He is been put in a very high-security prison, and he's very sick. He's unable to eat."

Pray that the couple will be released and be reunited with their daughter.

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