Translation kits equip Indonesian Bible translators

By May 19, 2021

Indonesia (MNN) — Recent attacks left four Indonesian believers dead as terrorists razed homes and a house church. Tim Neu, the Interim President/CEO of Wycliffe Associates, says the tragedy underscores Indonesia’s deep need for Scripture.

“For three generations they’ve had believers, but they haven’t had access to a full Bible in their language. They’ve accepted God’s Word in terms of the salvation story, but they haven’t had access to the Scriptures in the language of their hearts,” Neu says.

(Photo courtesy of Wycliffe Associates)

Bible translation isn’t easy in the archipelago. More than 12,000 remote areas have no Internet access. Humidity and frequent flooding pose a threat to anything in paper form. Enter: Wycliffe Associates’ Bible Translation Acceleration Kits, or BTAKs.

“It’s made up of a set of solar panels and solar equipment, as well as a satellite modem for connectivity. And a computer loaded with all of the Bible translation resources and tools we’ve created for folks in the local community,” Neu says.

Indonesia’s Sawi tribe, which is only reachable by plane or boat, recently received a BTAK from Wycliffe Associates. Today, believers are almost finished translating the Old Testament into their language.

“Without a BTAK, they might still be years away from experiencing God’s Word in its fullness,” Neu says.

“This was once a tribe of cannibals. Generations grew up learning only to kill or be killed in tribal warfare. Today, God’s Word is transforming their hearts.”

By sponsoring a BTAK, you can help Wycliffe Associates equip and train Indonesian believers. Most importantly, pray. “Some of these folks are in very difficult situations,” Neu says.

“[Pray] that God would strengthen, encourage, and that God would just give them the faith to continue doing the work that He’s called them to do.”



Header image courtesy of FMI.