Buckner cancels fall Guatemala trips

By April 28, 2011

Guatemala (MNN) — Buckner International has announced they will suspend all Guatemala mission trips scheduled from mid-August through mid-November due to election dates and a run off scheduled for November 1.

Trips scheduled for the summer months are still a go. The Mother/Daughter trip in June, for instance, will go on as scheduled without any threat of danger. Safety will only start to come into question as elections roll around.

Election frequently bring with them some instability in many nations throughout the globe. The presidential elections in Guatemala may very well go without disturbance–pray that they do. Buckner, however, is not taking any chances.

"It is always our priority to keep our mission teams safe," says Susan Williams, director of missions support for Buckner. "We have discussed the potential threats with our security consultant who agrees with our staff's recommendation. Fortunately, our wonderful staff in Guatemala will continue to meet the needs of children and families we serve, even though teams are not traveling."

Mainly three mission teams will be affected by this suspension: Valley Ranch Baptist Church in Coppell, Texas; First Baptist Church in Lewisville, Texas; and Texas Women's Missionary Union.

In the meantime, life will continue as usual in Guatemala, just with fewer helping hands. The Guatemala staff will continue to provide the love of Christ, the hope of the Gospel, the nourishment of physical sustenance and more for the children Buckner supports in the country.

Start praying now for September elections to go smoothly and peacefully in Guatemala. Pray that, as the political climate heats up, more and more Guatemalans would turn to Christ.

Other mission opportunities will still be available through Buckner. To learn more about these short-term trips, visit www.itsyourmission.com or call 1-877-7ORPHAN.

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