Buckner International brings hope to kids

By November 29, 2012

Mexico (MNN) — Nearly 22,000 children die from poverty every day, usually from the effects of malnutrition. One of the hardest-hit areas for hunger is Mexico.

Estrella is the oldest of four children living in a city landfill outside of Oaxaca, Mexico. Her mother struggles to feed and care for her children. This situation became even more desperate when Estella's father died while attempting to provide for his family.

With her mother experiencing depression, Estrella's family experienced poverty and hunger. The Buckner International Zaachila Feeding Center and Community Transformation Center brought the family hope and much-needed food for the children.

Through the feeding programs in Oaxaca, Mexico City, Juarez and Arcelia, nutritious, life-sustaining meals are provided six days a week to children like Estrella.

Not only does Buckner feed the children, but they also combat long-term hunger by working with families to develop self-sufficiency through economic development programs and education.

Like many other families in Mexico, Estrella's family is hardworking but has few opportunities. That is why the feeding programs Buckner has established are so critical to shining hope.

According to an August ABC News report, the average American worker spends $1,100 a year on coffee. You can feed a child for an entire year for only 15% of that. For only $166, you can feed a child for an entire year!

Buckner knows that without nutrition, it is not possible for children to develop properly or to focus in school.

Pray that teaching families about combating long-term hunger will open doors to sharing the Gospel. Ask God to help families get connected with Buckner International.

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