Buckner International responds to mass flooding

By October 30, 2008

Honduras (MNN) — Mass flooding in Honduras is responsible for the deaths of 23 people and the displacement of 100,000. Torrential downpours continue to destroy crops, and many people have been left without food or shelter.

Buckner International began to serve in Honduras just this year but was called into action at the start of the flooding. The First Lady of Honduras specifically asked Buckner to help with this national emergency at the suggestion of a humanitarian aid worker connected with the organization.

"It was just perfect timing because we were just sending a 20 foot container of shoes for the Shoes for Orphans Christmas trip," says Buckner's Leslie Chace. With the knowledge that Hondurans would need more than just shoes, Buckner was able to double the container size and include  more shoes and socks, as well as blankets and food.

It is obvious that Buckner has gained a great deal of trust and credibility in Honduras already, considering the First Lady sought them out almost immediately. The new food and necessities shipment will undoubtedly increase respect for Buckner even more and allow an avenue for the organization to be Christ in the country.

"Humanitarian aid is just a wonderful way that the Lord can use to open up the doors for us to go in and touch people personally–just like Jesus had to first physically heal people and feed them, and then He was able to share the Gospel with them," notes Chace.

Although Buckner International is certainly going above and beyond the call to serve, Honduras remains in great need. There is a huge shortage of food, clothing and blankets, in particular. Buckner is planning to send more relief, specifically for orphans, through their Shoes for Orphan Souls Christmas program. But for now, they are passing along any donations for relief directly to the office of the First Lady.

Chace asks that we pray for Honduran families who've lost their homes. Pray also that Buckner would be given opportunities to be Christ to all they come in contact with during this crisis.

If you would like to help Buckner in their endeavors, click here .

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