Buckner involving volunteers in major ministry projects

By October 8, 2010

International (MNN) — Organizations differ on how they run their programs, who they help, and where they work. But most ministries agree on the importance of one group to truly be effective: volunteers.

"We are very dependent on volunteers," confirms Jeff Jones with Buckner International, a ministry that relies on volunteerism throughout many of the countries in which they work. Jones says the ministry has found people excited to get involved. "So many of today's Christians really want to be the hands and feet of Christ; they want to interact with those we're trying to serve."

Volunteers have always been an important part of Buckner's ministry, but Jones says they have recently discovered how valuable these individuals can be to complete far more than just ordinary tasks for the ministry. "There are skill sets and some affinities that current volunteers have that can really help us accomplish some of the program priorities that we have."

Jones says that if volunteers are willing to help for at least a few months or up to a year, major projects will get done that may not have otherwise been completed so quickly if left to the staff, who simply have a great deal of things on their plates.

Because of the value of business professionals, English teachers, and other volunteers with special skill sets who give their time, Buckner has decided to launch some new programs, using volunteers to complete a definite objective throughout various countries.

"We want to give them opportunities to serve where they're doing kingdom work that is transformative and really makes a difference for the Lord," explains Jones. "And it's so much more special, and real, and life-changing, and transformational for those who are volunteering."

Often when Mission Network News has interviewed believers who have served on a mission trip or with various ministry initiatives, those believers reported that even though they got involved to change lives, their own lives ended up changing as well. Buckner also hears these types of responses regularly.

Buckner's needs right now include those who can do clerical work, those who can teach basic English, those who can do construction, and those who can help with business development. Buckner also needs volunteers for short-term mission trips who would be part of the overall work in a region in which Buckner is already serving, and who would help to empower those who serve there. People on the trips almost always work directly with children when they go to serve.

Buckner needs volunteers in the U.S. and in many other countries as well. Volunteerism is not only a wonderful way to serve the Lord and to spread the Gospel, but also to grow spiritually. If you are interested in helping Buckner help others, visit their Web site and get involved today.

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