Buckner launches new foster care program in Peru.

By January 31, 2007

(MNN) — Buckner Children and Family Services' director of Latin American
programs, Leslie Chace says they have a unique opportunity to help shape
legislative policy in Peru.  
"They've asked us if we will partner with them and do a pilot foster care
program. They've also asked us to meet with Congress to help modify and consult
about some changes in the wording of the legislation concerning their foster
care program.  So, they're asking Buchner's expertise and childcare to
come in and them." 

Over the years, the government-run orphanages have been
forced to run without the resources they need. Conditions were difficult and
the Peruvian government turned to the experts for help.

In 1999, Buckner Orphan Care International (BOCI) launched a
foster care program in Vladimir,
Russia to
provide permanent families for children residing in overcrowded orphanages. Their
goals were to provide a supportive, nurturing Christian family environment for
children, and to reduce the number of children in orphanages.

The success of their pioneer effort led to expansion in 2003
involving St. Petersburg, Russia and Nairobi,
Kenya.  A year later, they were in Latvia and Guatemala,
slowly expanding into Oradea,
Romania.  Just last year, their foster model program
expanded to include children in Busia,
Kenya.  With each success, their reputation
grew.  That's when they were contacted by
Peruvian officials.

Not only are they being asked to help shape the country's
effort, Chace says they're being asked to implement the program.  They'll initiate it by placing the first 10
children to be fostered.  

It's the beginning of a ministry season. 
"The amazing thing is that they're allowing us to help them identify the
parents. So they are all for us finding Christian families for the kids. By
finding them, the kids are going to be able to have that continual care,
spiritual care in their lives with families that will be able to show them the
love of Christ in their hearts and lives."  

Buckner will be sending 11 teams to Peru this year.  Relationship building is
one of the most strategic opportunities Buckner has with these children
who, for the most part, are very limited in the number of relationships
they have outside the orphanage walls. They're working on the funding for the Peruvian foster care program.  They're also seeking sponsors to pledge $75 a month ($900 a year) for a child in foster care.  Click here to help.  

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