Buckner readies a ministry launch into Peru.

By March 14, 2005

Peru (MNN)–Poverty, hardship, and war have made their marks throughout Latin America. Buckner Orphan Care International’s Tiffany Taylor says they’re trying to help some of the hundreds of thousands of children affected. That’s why they were looking to launch new ministry in another country in Latin America.

“We were talking to foreign governments in other Latin American countries and were invited by Peru to come down and look at their orphanages and see how Buckner could lend our expertise to help in the orphanages.”

Taylor’s enthusiasm is barely supressed. When she talks about the children, her voice glows. She says the government-run orphanages run without the resources they need.

That’s where Buckner steps in to help, and shoes are just one aspect. Taylor explains the connection. “Along with being able to bring these brand new shoes in September to these kids in Peru that have never had anything of their own, we also are getting the opportunity to tell them about their heavenly Father, and tell them about all the people that collected the shoes that so loved them. We do, actually, a little Vacation Bible School in each of the orphanages.”

The inaugural trip is slated September 10-18. Team members will go all over the country sharing shoes, socks, humanitarian aid, and of course, the hope of Jesus Christ.

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