Buckner teams choose to help instead of party on Spring Break

By March 29, 2016
buckner missions spring break

USA (Buckner) — Before the sun peeks over the horizon, Diego Silva is on the move. He has to be, in order to keep up. Everything around him is changing.

Even at this early hour, it makes him smile.

Silva is a mission group coordinator with Buckner National Missions, meaning the week of spring break is anything but a vacation for him.

buckner missions spring break

(Photo courtesy Buckner)

In a two-week span, he, along with Buckner Construction and Aid Coordinator Sam Hutchinson, and Buckner Director of National Missions Javier Perez have guided 8 church teams as they have started building five homes, built bed frames for foster children, led a youth camp, and mentored individuals involved in the local Buckner Family Hope Center.

Teams often work past sundown as they strive to shine hope into the lives of colonia residents nine miles west of Mission, Texas. Many of the children experience their first youth camp and have their first home as a result of the groups’ efforts.

Either can revolutionize a child’s life. Children came to Christ during the youth camp, while others grew in their relationship with Christ. Safe, secure homes earned through point accumulation at the Buckner Family Hope Center allow families to rest easier at night and set their sights on filling other needs. By the end of spring break, three families will have completely new homes.

“Our short-term mission teams come on trips but play a big part in the larger Buckner work in the community,” Silva said. “Families have worked so hard through classes and earning points to earn a home. That all culminates in a mission group building a house. As a result, families can stop worrying about their children who are cold at night or living in a dangerous place. They can focus on higher needs.”

Other church teams worked with residents to improve agricultural or entrepreneurial efforts. Trip participants were recruited because they brought expertise in either field and can serve as invaluable resources.

The effort, which Buckner National Missions has started this year, seeks to help families work toward financial self-sufficiency through starting businesses and selling crops.

“We’re grateful that the body of Christ is coming together to partner with us to help the community, break the cycle of poverty, and bring hope to the community and the teams themselves,” Silva said. “It’s amazing to see the support Buckner and the community receives from churches.”

buckner missions spring break2

(Photo courtesy Buckner)

Congregations serving through Buckner this spring break included University Baptist Church in Clearlake, First Baptist Church in Lubbock, Shenandoah Baptist Church in Cedar Park, Stonegate Fellowship in Midland, South Main Baptist Church in Pasadena, Church at Canyon Creek in Austin, First Baptist Church in Crawford, Valley Ranch Baptist Church in Coppell, and Pflugerville Community Church in Pflugerville.

For more information about mission opportunities through Buckner missions, visit www.buckner.org/missions.

Story by John Hall

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