Budget short fall hits urban ministry in the U-S

By August 24, 2006

USA (MNN) — Here’s Life Inner City reaches out to 100,000 hungry children and adults every month. Last year alone, $2.5 million worth of food and materials were distributed from warehouses in the United States. They’re not only providing food and other needed items, but God’s Word.

However, Here’s Life is facing a budget shortfall of $105,000 as they approach the end of their fiscal year. They need your help. Each gift postmarked no later than August 31, will be double by their Warehouse Matching Challenge Fund. The money will help fund warehouses that are operating in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City and Bakersfield, California.

When they hit the budget goals Here’s Life will be able to continue providing food for the hungry, winter outfitting for the homeless, outreaches to the spiritually lost. They’ll also be able to provide back-to-school shoes, Homeless Care Kits and Easter Bags to more than 1,200 churches and mission organizations using these tools to allow them to share the Gospel.

Here’s Life’s National Director Ted Gandy says, “I can’t even fathom cutting back on all of the great work being accomplished. I know we can meet our shortfall if we join together.

If you’d like to contribute to Here’s Life’s urban ministry work, click on the link below.

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