Building Jerusalem with Bibles, church leaders from Colorado and Colombia look to the future.

By April 27, 2004

Colombia (MNN)–Colombia: it’s a place hostile to peace. News headlines continually blare out the latest violence and troubles, furthering that impression.

What’s more, there are increasing reports that church leaders are being targeted by the drug cartel because of their outreach. The two messages conflict, and the truth of the Gospel penetrates hearts, causing lifestyle changes.

This then, is the picture of the church in Colombia. A vibrant heart, terrible oppression, and lack of resources. Calls for help from the church came back unanswered for many years, leading to a solitary existence for many church leaders.

However, a recent vision trip to Colombia created a bond between two church bodies. Open Doors’ Latin America director, Richard Luna says a delegation of church leaders from Colorado adopted Colombia’s church and went to see how they could best help.

The result was exciting. “This is an impact that’s for the nation of Colombia, for the city of Denver. As that multiplies, that’s the ‘bread and the fish’. When the Lord multiplies the bread and the fish, I think, in a sense, the Lord is raising up Colombia, with an incredible testimony. ”

While God was busy in Colombia, He was working in Colorado, too. “Separate from that, the Lord has placed in these pastors in Denver the possibility of expressing unity in mission.” Luna explains why this trip embodies the spirit of encouragement. “I think, worse than suffering, is suffering alone. Presence is a ministry on its own. Even that is enough. But, with their coming, if Nehemiah built Jerusalem with brick and mortar, these pastors are building Jerusalem with Bibles.”

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