Believers build relationships with Moroccan immigrants in Spain

By March 25, 2020

Spain (MNN) — Government collaboration has nearly halved the number of Moroccan migrant arrivals in Spain, officials announced earlier this month. Numbering over 700,000, Moroccans are reportedly the largest foreign community living in Spain.

Driven by scant hope for their future, Moroccans often head to Spain in search of economic stability and educational opportunities. There, culture shock awaits. Christian workers in Spain try to help them transition into stable lives by providing things like food and language training.

Grace*, who has been actively involved in serving migrants for about eight years, says this is truly a moment where a cup of cold water in Jesus’ name plants a seed for a deeper relationship.

“They’re not seen as a project or as a number but they understand truly we’re investing in their lives, and we care about them,” Grace says.

“In that safe space, that really gives us the freedom and the opportunity to share with them what Christ means for us. Often…in sharing our own personal testimony, and what we have seen God do in our own lives, that opens those doors.”

As described here, Islamic law and culture pose a significant threat to believers. Unlike Morocco, Spain affords extensive religious freedom. Freedom like this is new to Moroccans, and it provides the space for a spiritual quest to blossom.

Grace says it’s a beautiful process.

(Photo courtesy of Open Doors USA)

“I have one friend that I study Arabic with and we’ve known each other for some years. She’s really beginning now to ask those questions, to seek the answers of ‘Who is Christ?’,” Grace describes.

“I know that she’s wrestling now with ‘this message is appealing. I’m drawn by His love, but what does this mean for my life? What does this mean for my family?’…it takes time to consider those questions.”

Pray for Grace and other believers ministering to Moroccan migrants who come to Spain. Ask God to plant the seeds of hope in the hearts of incoming Moroccans, and that they will encounter believers to help them grow.


*Name changed for security purposes



Side Street in Andalucia, Spain. (Header image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

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