Burhan dissolves military council, voices support for democracy

By July 14, 2022

Sudan (MNN) — The fight for civilian rule continues in Sudan.

General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan dissolved a transitional military council on Monday, voicing support for democratic rule. Protestors say they’re suspicious of a ploy and remain in the streets despite threats and crackdowns.

“Are they (the military) serious? That’s the question,” says John*, a Gospel worker focused on Sudan.

“Or, do they want the appearance of a civil rule so they can stay [away from] economic embargoes and those kinds of things.”

A 2019 coup removed longtime dictator Omar al-Bashir from power, raising Christian hopes for religious freedom. Three years later, believers face the same conditions as before.

“They’re not much farther down the line than when they removed Bashir. The government structure that was in place under Bashir, and the leaders of that structure, did not change,” John says.

“The challenge before the Church is how [they will] fulfill the role of the Church, regardless of the change in government.”

Circumstances vary across Sudan, but danger remains high in places like Darfur.

(Graphic courtesy of Voice of the Martyrs USA)

At the end of June, “four men were arrested, jailed, beaten; and [told], ‘You either say that someone paid you to become a Christian or according to Islamic law, we’re going to behead you right now,’” John says.

As described here by Morningstar News:

Officers reportedly ordered the Christians to leave the area. The arrested men refused but have since gone into hiding. Muslim extremists in the area have called for their death, one of the arrested Christians said.

“[The attackers are] basing their threat on a law that was made null by the civil government, but in Darfur, they’re applying it (the apostasy law). That gives you a picture of the struggle, where control is ultimately going to dominate” and decide whether legal changes are enforced or not, he concludes.

Pray the Lord will strengthen His followers in Sudan, no matter what happens next. Pray for courage for church leaders so that they may move forward with ministry despite potential persecution.




The header image shows the flag of Sudan. (Image by David Peterson from Pixabay)

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