Burma cyclone ignored, government quiet

By November 8, 2010

Burma (MNN) — Relief and development agencies are gearing up to help victims of Cyclone Giri in Burma. You haven't heard about it? Not surprising. Many news agencies have largely ignored this disaster.

President of Vision Beyond Borders Patrick Klein says, "Cyclone Giri hit the western coast of Burma near Bangladesh. Two cities were wiped out; a lot of villages destroyed."

Government figures confirm 45 deaths, with at least 10 people missing
and nearly 50 injured. The latest reports put the number of people
affected by Cyclone Giri at about 200,000. 

These government statistics on the October 22 cyclone, however, are suspect. Klein says, "The government is very, very focused on their elections coming up in the next couple of weeks. Even communications have been very sporadic because the government is trying to regulate everything, and they're trying to keep the outside world out."

Vision Beyond Borders workers are asking for relief supplies, which they're sharing in Jesus' name. "We are trying to work through the Christians. Some churches were destroyed, but thankfully none of their people were killed."

VBB staff on the ground say they need more food. "A lot of the rice patties were wiped out again and a lot of the crops."

Klein says helping Buddhists in Jesus' name during Cyclone Nargis last year was effective. "A lot of the Buddhists are coming to faith in Jesus Christ because of the compassion of the Christians — sharing food with them and then at the same time, sharing the Gospel."

Your financial support can make a physical and eternal difference in the lives of those VBB is serving. "It's going to take the Christians really stepping up around the world to help these people because the government is totally disconnected with the people."

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