Burma releases Suu Kyi, promptng cautious optimism

By November 16, 2010

Burma (MNN) —  Shortly after
Burma's elections, the government freed activist Aung San Suu Kyi (chee).  Her release comes
as a welcome development after more than seven years of house arrest.

Dyann Romeijn with Vision Beyond Borders says they're cautiously
optimistic. "We are encouraged, but at
the same time, it's with a little skepticism. A lot of the things that the
military does are for calculated reasons. There is some skepticism with what
their reasoning is."

Does the release of the military government's arch rival
signal bigger things? It would be naïve
to think so. Past history has shown craftiness
that has kept them in power. Romeijn
says, "There's some concern that there could be some kind of trapping going on,
identifying people who are still supporting the pro-Democracy movement."

pro-democracy leader has been released from house arrest on several occasions,
only to be re-arrested and detained on spurious charges. Ironically, Suu Kyi represents the hope of
freedom for the Burmese.

The VBB team is working to provide true
freedom in a region where genocide is
taking place. Romeijn says we should pray "just as David prayed in the Psalms, that their own traps would
fall back on their own heads and they'd be caught in their own nets. It doesn't
matter what their plans are because God is Sovereign, and He's in control."  

With activists like Suu Kyi pushing for reform, the
government is working overtime to undermine her message for the necessity of
change. "The government there is trying
to put out the message that they want to get across," says Romeijn. "I guess that could be our
concern in this situation too, is that their message is that ‘now there's
freedom' in these elections, when really, everyone knows that the elections
were not free."

However, Romeijn
says, "Since the elections, over 20, 000 refugees have streamed into
Thailand. So there's actually increased
violence, and there's been a lot of fighting in Burma still."

VBB has been responding
to the needs. Their team has shipped
containers loaded with Bibles, clothing and other necessities to help the
refugees, many of whom are Karen Christians. The hope of Christ sustains many of them.

Keep praying. In
spite of the overwhelming situation, Romeijn says they're seeing exciting
things happen. "We've seen doors open
and things happen as a result of people praying. They can give. There's a
lot of needs when you're talking about over 200,000 refugees now in

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