Burma’s fighting disrupts ministry

By November 17, 2010

Burma (MNN) — About 20,000 Burmese refugees are trying to
resume a normal life after returning home following a flight into Thailand last

Fierce rebel fighting sent the regime the message that they
won't accept the election results. The
process is regarded by the international community as manipulated and unfair,
because the results are expected to keep Burma's military and its allies in

Thai authorities began sending the refugees back when
Burmese officials assured them the situation had stabilized in a border town
where ethnic Karen guerrillas attacked.   

There are reports of sporadic fighting, so Thailand has tightened
security along the border in anticipation of more attacks until the new
government is set up. 

The violence underscores the fragility of cease-fires with
armed groups in Burma's borderlands. A
new government may not be in place until 2011. 

In the meantime, the unrest has
disrupted ministries working in the region. Five child development centers assisted by Compassion International are
located near the fighting, but they continue to run as usual.

However, staff have cautioned the
children not to go near the border areas. They have also been warned that when
they hear the sound of gunshots or cannons, they must hide themselves in the bunker.

Please pray for protection over these
children, that God will hide them under the shadow of His wings. Pray for this
violence to stop.

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