Burn clinic opens many doors in Haiti

By June 26, 2009

Haiti (MNN) — For Haiti with Love says their burn clinic
continues to make inroads for the Gospel in Haiti. 

The numbers of patients continues
to climb, despite increasingly-limited resources. For example, last month there were 725
patients. That's an increase of over 200 patients in May 2008, many of them
burn patients. People often ask, "Why so many burns?" According to FHWL, the answer is as complex
as the culture.

With open charcoal cooking, often
on the ground, accidents happen. And where there are a lot of people and a lot
of open fires, there are a lot of burns.

As the team treats the burns, they use many medical supplies,
including gauze and burn cream. The
burn cream is critical to the healing process, and on occasion, the clinic has
run out. It is available in Haiti, but can
run as high as $100 US per jar.

The ministry has, on occasion, been
able to find partners who will sell it wholesale, but the recession has taken
its toll there, too. Funds needed to
purchase the supplies are running lower than ever, and shipping costs have
skyrocketed at the same time.   

However, these obstacles have done little to stop the team. They remain committed to being the hands and
feet of Christ in this region because of the encouraging results they see.

The ministry cites a recent example of their impact with a
group of five who came to the clinic together. This group included a Voodoo
priest and four others who were burned in a ceremony-gone-bad. The priest now is
asking about Christianity and is open to the Gospel. 

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