Bus crash kills 12, injures Asian Access coordinator

By July 12, 2010

South Korea (MNN) — While enroute to the Asian Access
leadership development session, the bus carrying Dr. Gary Parrett, a country coordinator for
Asian Access, and Pastor Kenny Yee went off the road and crashed near the
airport in Seoul, South Korea.

The crash occurred on July 3 and claimed the lives of Pastor
Yee, from Highrock Covenant Church in Arlington, MA, and 11 others. Twelve
other passengers, including Parrett, sustained injuries.

Currently, Parrett is listed in critical condition in the
ICU at Seoul National University Hospital. On a care page, his family shared
that he had serious internal injuries, including multiple broken bones, organ
damage, and a brain hemorrhage. On Friday, he was taken off sedatives, and the hospital
says his life was no longer in serious danger.

Meanwhile, as Asian Access proceeded with the leadership
session in Sri Lanka, the pastors in attendance banded together to pray for Parrett and the
other accident victims two to three times a day.

Throughout the past week of the session, A2 has had to fill
in the gaps left by Parrett's absence, as he has mentored, shepherded, and
taught many of these pastors and planned to do the same at this conference.

Pray for Parrett's speedy recovery, as his family already reports astounding progress. Also, pray for Pastor Yee's family during
this time of grief. Pray that God will surround them with His presence and comfort.

Visit Parrett's care page for updates by clicking here. You can
also visit the Asian Access Web site to learn more about the pastor's leadership

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