Buy your mother a goat! Creative and practical Mother’s Day gifts.

By April 20, 2005

USA (MNN) — Mother’s Day is just a few weeks away in the U-S. And for those of you who are tired of giving another bottle of perfume or other frivolous things, why not give a goat?

That’s what Food for the Poor’s Angel Aloma suggests as a creative and practical gift-giving solution that will benefit poor mothers in Central America.

“It is unusual because what you’re giving her is a gift to someone else, and I think mothers generally, they’re always looking (for) ways to be proud of their children, and this gives them the perfect opportunity.”

Food for the Poor’s Gift Catalog gives you the chance to purchase items that will be given in your mother’s name. Items such as goats, baby chicks and pigs, all things that will help a family in Central America or the Caribbean become self-supporting.

Not only are these gifts meeting a practical need, they are opening doors to Gospel.

Aloma says, “The poor are actually seeing the love of Christ very much alive in someone else before them, and when they experience this love, they really get to understand an essence of Christianity which is Christian love.”

For more details and see a list of the creative, practical Mother’s Day gifts, visit the Food for the Poor Gift Catalog:

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