Cagayan Valley station to reach multitude of ethnic groups

By November 25, 2008

Philippines (MNN) — Pastors and missionaries have long been
troubled by the Cagayan Valley. It's a remote area that desperately needs the
Gospel, but the problem encountered by believers is how to reach the region. Just one
trip to a village requires a 10-hour car ride followed by 1-2 hours in a jeep,
2 hours in a canoe and finally a long hike.

The Far East Broadcasting Company
gathered with local churches to develop a radio project that would share
Christ's love with every ethnic group in the Philippines. Permits have been
granted and a lease agreement signed to start construction on the Cagayan
Valley radio station this spring. When fully operational, the station will
offer Christian programming to more people groups than any other
FEBC-Philippines station, including 3 groups that were once headhunters.  

Located in the northern Philippines, Cagayan Valley is home
to millions of people from 30 distinct language groups. FEBC will build and
operate the radio station, while local churches will produce the programs.
Program production is scheduled to begin in March and will be broadcast in 4
tribal languages, gradually increasing to 14.

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