Call center introduces angry Iranians to Christ

By September 2, 2020

Iran (MNN) — There are plenty of circumstances fueling Iranian anger. The economy is failing, and governmental denial frustrates working-class citizens. The second wave of COVID-19 stokes fiery indignation.

Suppressed by authoritarian rule, most Iranians direct their rage at the alleged “source” of all unhappiness.

“Anger, hate, and resentment towards God and religion are very common among Iranians,” Heart4Iran President Mike Ansari says.

Emad’s story

One angry Iranian, Emad, recently phoned into Heart4Iran’s 24-hour call center. Ansari writes in an email update:

He expressed to one of our counselors that our ministry is “a waste of time because God doesn’t care about the hurt and suffering in the world.” The counselor then asked Emad if he would be open to pray for a heart of understanding, and he agreed.

(Photo courtesy Heart4Iran)

The Iranian regime strictly forbids a Gospel witness. Iranians discover the Christian call center through MohabatTV, another Heart4Iran platform.

“By watching Mohabat on satellite and following us online, or through our social media and chats, many Iranians are learning about Jesus Christ and His love for them,” Ansari says.

“When they contact us, we spend quality time in answering their questions, provide counseling for them, and identify biblical applications to their crisis. This allows us to share the Gospel with them. The choice is always with them to accept or deny Christ.”

After a few follow-up sessions with believers, Emad surprised call center staff when he asked for a Bible to call his own. “I have found peace because of this,” Emad told the counselor.

“I am ready to receive Christ as my Lord and Savior!”

Help believers reach another caller like Emad here.

Next steps

Pray for Emad as he grows in his new faith. Pray the Lord connects other frustrated Iranians with Heart4Iran’s call center and introduces them to the hope and peace only available through Christ.

Iran’s strict Islamic laws forbid believers from sharing their faith. However, the Iranian people respect Jesus and those who follow Him.  As a result, many Iranians do not hesitate to phone into a Christian call center.

(Image capture courtesy of Heart4Iran)

“The Persians have a perception of a Christian person as kind and truthful. They love Jesus as a prophet and believe He is merciful, so in their desperate situation, they call a Christian to pray for them,” Ansari notes.

Those prayers “often get answered because of their faith, and that allows us to share the Gospel with them!”

Support the call center here to help desperate Iranians discover Christ. According to a recent study, nearly two-percent of Iranians identify as Christians despite the risk of persecution.

“Donations allow us to be available and online 24/7; mail them a hard copy of the Farsi Bible; provide materials to help them grow in their faith; attend a new beginners’ class; private counseling [sessions]; connect with underground house churches, and much more,” Ansari says.




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