Call of Love reaches millions of Muslims

By April 9, 2014

International (MNN) — Muslim outreach, Call of Love Ministries, is bringing thousands of Muslims to the arms of Christ.

Call of Love Ministries was founded in America in 2001 in by Mike and Samya Johnson. The ministry focuses on delivering God’s message of hope and life to the Muslims in North America and globally in both English and Arabic. Samya Johnson says, “We also disclose the truth about Islam to awaken believers to God’s heart for the Muslims by providing practical tools and teaching. We do it through TV programs. Our programs in Arabic reach worldwide and reach potentially 400 million Arabic-speaking people. We also do conferences and outreaches. It is such a joy for us to be a part of this revival in the Muslim world.”

In North America, the ministry participates in cultural events and partners with local churches to minister at American Islamic Festivals. “We do face painting for kids, we give free Christian material, and talk to the parents,” Samya says. “We do seminars in churches so that the people in the churches will reach out to their Muslim friends…. We know we cannot do it alone. It is great to see Christians in America starting to have compassion in their hearts towards Muslims and seeing them for the first time through God’s eyes, that they need the Savior as much as we do.”

There are 10-12 million Muslims in North America, mostly in major cities. Call of Love also works in places where there is persecution, oppression, and war. Samya says, “The Lord opened a door for us in Lebanon. There are 1.5 million Syrian refugees. We have partnered with a church and receive videos every week from our partners there, of Syrians who have accepted Christ.”

Call of Love has also seen a huge revival in Egypt. “After the Arab Spring, Muslims discovered the lies of Islam and are rejecting what Islam is offering and what Allah is offering. [They are] turning to Christians whom they have seen stand up and love when the Muslims have tried burning their churches,” says Samya.

Christians are winning the war of terror with love and compassion.

Call of Love ministries challenges Christians to reach out and love those who seem unlovable. Samya expresses that it is difficult for a ministry that helps a people group which is disliked by many. “Many of us have a fear or hatred of Muslims, don’t know a lot about them. It is hard to find supporters and churches who want to be a part of this. There is a lot of baggage we need to get rid of as Christians before we are ready to see them through God’s eyes, to love them and want them to become a part of God’s family.”

To help financially and learn more about how you can become involved with this outreach, go to

“We need prayer warriors to pray for us so that the Lord would protect us, that everything we do would honor Him and bring more Muslims to know Him as Lord and Savior.”

You can watch Call of Love’s most-recent documentary about their Syrian refugee outreach below.

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  • stephanie says:

    Thank you Jesus for the mercy and compassion of this monastery to our Muslim brothers and sisters. Help us to desperate ourselves from our fear and distrust and see everlove any and all people lime you showed us could be done by your example of love.
    In Jesus name. Amen

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