Call to prayer issued worldwide

By February 20, 2014
call to prayer
Russian Ministries' photo of protests in Ukraine.

Russian Ministries’ photo of protests in Ukraine.

Ukraine (MNN) — Another group is echoing the international call to prayer for Ukraine. Last month, violent protests forced Russian Ministries to close their international headquarters in Kiev. With turmoil reaching a new level this week, things are even more uncertain.

Ukraine’s protests had been escalating since they started in November 2013, reaching a violent high toward the end of January. De-escalation seemed possible when protestors and Ukraine’s government agreed on a trade-off at the end of last week.

According to the BBC, protestors’ anger flared again when the government didn’t hold up their end of the bargain.

Renewed frustrations took shape in Ukraine’s worst day of violence in modern history. At least 25 people have been killed so far, and hundreds more have been wounded by police-protestor violence. European Union (EU) leaders and the U.S. are meeting today to discuss the possibility of sanctions.

While the West is pushing for an end to the country’s violence, Russia is striking deals with Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych. Earlier this week, Russia agreed to purchase $2 billion in Ukrainian government bonds, essentially giving their neighbor a financial lifeline.

call to prayer

RMI’s Boris Volkov
presenting the Gospel of John
to Anatoly Grytsenko, former
Ukrainian Minister of Defense.
(Image, caption courtesy Russian Ministries)

Violence is keeping Ukraine in the headlines, but it’s not stopping Gospel work on the ground. Ukrainian believers are still proclaiming Christ’s sacrifice and forgiveness to those around them. As of January 31, 100,000 Gospels of Johns had been distributed.

As the birthplace of their president, Sergey Rakhuba, and their School Without Walls program, Ukraine is an important location for Russian Ministries. They’re urging believers around the world to cover Ukraine in their prayers.

Pray for the violence to cease, and for a speedy resolution to the conflict. Pray for Ukrainian Christians as they shine the light of Christ amid tumultuous protests. Pray for the Ukrainian Church to be unified and offer healing through Christ to a nation full of division.

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