Call to join missions issued from ministry

By June 7, 2007

International (MNN) — Shipping rate increases in the United
States have hit many ministries that are dependent on shipping resources hard.

Christian Resources International's Fred Palmerton says
they're surviving because of the "Bare Your Bookshelf" program launched prior
to the changes. "What we are able to send out here has been
reduced by about two-thirds because the increased costs tripled."

While the rising shipping costs were a concern, Palmerton
says his team is encouraged by BYB respondents. "The average Christian is
being very innovative, and they're involving friends and Sunday School classes. So we're still able to answer the requests that come in."  

CRI gets 50 letters a month from those in need of Christian
materials. It's a perfect opportunity to jump into missions. "If they want to get involved in
overseas missions and can't travel, go to "Bare Your Bookshelf" and get
involved with overseas missions. We are
average Christians doing God's work."

Explains Palmerton, more than
122,000 people become Christians daily, and most of those people are in Africa,
Asia, and South America. They're attending
churches where few people, including the pastors, have Bibles.

For those who want to get
involved, it's fairly easy. Send them your
name, address, and denomination, and they'll send all the mailing
materials needed to send Bibles and Christian books to a specific pastor,
Christian worker, church member, or seeker overseas.

"We'll even send you the
actual request letter so you can get to know and pray for the recipient by
name," says Palmerton. Letters like
these and the subsequent thank you notes help connect donor to recipient,
making the impact of the gift more real. 

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