Calling all single men

By July 6, 2012

Lesotho (MNN) — Are you male? Are you single? Are you in for an overseas mission adventure?

Africa Inland Mission (AIM) is forming their Extreme Team, a mission group just for single men that will head to Lesotho in January 2014 and spend two years ministering the Gospel to shepherd boys.

Lesotho is a tiny, mountainous country landlocked within South Africa. The terrain is rugged, and many of the villages can only be reached on foot, by horseback, or light aircraft.

The weather can be treacherous in the winter, since Lesotho is one of the few African countries that regularly have snow. Shepherd boys often have to wrap up in blankets and boots while tending their livestock.

The country has a population of 2 million. While 80% of the population claims Christianity, there is a huge need for ministry among shepherd boys.

According to AIM missionary John Barry, “Shepherds represent the least-reached group in Lesotho. They also represent the most marginalized.”

A shepherd boys in Lesotho lives in complete isolation from the rest of society. Poverty rates are high, with 40% of the population labeled “ultra-poor” by the UN.

AIM has been reaching out to the herdboy population in Lesotho since the late 1990’s. Today, more than 700 shepherds benefit from AIM’s literacy programs and team outreaches.

In their latest update, AIM writes, “Our prayer is that these herdboys will become spiritual shepherds of men following Jesus.”

Please pray for the formation of the AIM Extreme Team. Pray that the Lord would prepare candidates’ hearts for this ministry and open the hearts of shepherd boys to the Gospel.

If you’re a single man interested in this opportunity, click here to learn more.

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