Campus ministry leaders to gather and prepare for change

By June 18, 2007

USA(MMN)– Life Action Revival Ministries is urging prayer for an upcoming event through their Collegiate Impact arm. 

Collegiate Impact knows it can be challenging for Christian students to reflect the purity and power of God in a campus culture. According to a statement on their website, "We value the Holy Spirit moving freely and powerfully throughout the body of Christ, resulting in a transformation of the broader campus community."

It's a vision statement in a nutshell. It's the "how-to" of getting there that prompts a gathering like the Institute of Campus Revival and Awakening. While conferences often put participants in intense short-term growth situations, over the course of eight days participants will be encouraged to think and engage over the resource material deeply.

Tools are helpful, but interaction with fellow ministry leaders will help leaders discern what God is saying about campus ministry. The Institute is geared as a learning, interactive community at Yale.

The second Institute of Campus Revival and Awakening at Yale University is coming June 20-27. The end goal? A spiritually awakened campus with the vision to effect change in community.

Many young people will be impacted by the campus leaders who are gathering. Please pray that this gathering of campus ministry leaders from around the country will result in long-term fruit, transformed campuses, spreading revival fires and spiritual awakening.

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