Can a week change your life?

By June 21, 2013

International (AMG) — Can one week at camp change a life?

AMG International says "Yes it can!" These days, there are specialty camps for every interest, but the most common summer camp involves much simpler elements.

Yet children and teenagers in most other parts of the world seldom have access to the same opportunities. If lives are changed by the Gospel message through camping, why couldn't those same ministries reap a harvest for Christ around the world as well?

One of AMG's core missions has always been ministry to children, and for several years they have worked to reach youth through camping ministries in some of the countries where they minister.

This past week, a student team from a church in Chattanooga, TN departed for a slightly less traditional week of camp, traveling with AMG for a Mission Adventure at Camp Canaan in Guatemala.

Throughout the week, the group enjoyed loving and interacting with the campers through crafts, games, drama, and outdoor activities. They also assisted with some facility maintenance and even installed a new indoor climbing wall that the campers will especially enjoy when it is raining.

A week at camp offers the opportunity for leaders and teachers to make a concentrated spiritual investment in the lives of those who attend.

Over the years, thousands of children attending the AMG childcare programs, families, and other groups have enjoyed a time of retreat and extra-special activities at Camp Canaan, Living Hope Beach, and Adventure Camp in the Philippines and Camp Joy in Thailand. Most importantly, many memorable decisions have been made for Christ at camp.

Please pray for all of those who will attend an AMG camp this year. Interested in joining AMG for a Mission Adventure? Click here.

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