This Christmas, help care for vulnerable children

By December 10, 2014

The Mission SocietyInternational (MIS/MNN) — This Christmas, help care for vulnerable children around the world.

When you give to the Children-at-Risk fund, you help children in Costa Rica, Ecuador, Ghana, India, Nicaragua, and Thailand experience the love of Christ.

The Children-at-Risk fund supports the projects of several Mission Society missionaries who are making a difference in the lives of vulnerable children.

Imagine children in Costa Rica having a “birthday party for Jesus.” Bryan and Beth Tatum coordinate the events. Children are treated to a party, a meal, and receive a Christmas gift of their own to keep.

In Thailand, 90% of the children who are trafficked–primarily for the global sex trade–are from the Essan region. Mission Society missionaries working in Essan, like the Barbee and Attaway families, are raising funds to establish a shelter for vulnerable children in this area.

Ronnie and Angi Hopkins minister in Mira Luz, Nicaragua and are gathering school supplies for the 100 children in this village whose parents cannot afford basic items.

In one community in Ecuador, young people tend to leave the church around age 14. Missionaries Tim and Daina Datwyler have helped to start a music group which will become the worship team, to inspire kids to stay connected with the church. The church’s teenagers have a plan to raise money for musical instruments through bake sales. Your contribution will help them purchase an oven.

You can provide blankets for children and families in northern India this winter. Winter brings severely cold weather to the people of northern India. Many families have only one blanket to share among all of their children, and unfortunately, many families do not have a blanket at all. Help Peter and Esther Pereira provide blankets and share the story of Jesus with families in remote villages.

In Ghana, provide a Hepatitis B vaccine for a child. Affecting one in five children, Hepatitis B can be prevented for a lifetime with one vaccine. Dave and Ellen Bartlett are working with a primary school to vaccinate every child.

To help, donate here.

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