Carpentry team needed for Honduras

By February 4, 2013

Honduras (MNN) — Are you the kind of person who wants to be used by God to do His service, but you don't feel qualified? Maybe you don't believe God can use you if you're not a theologian, teacher, or full-time missionary. If you have carpentry skills, God may be calling you to go to Honduras to use your skills for His service.

"Quite often we have skill-sets that we think there is no place we can use them. This is an opportunity to use a skill-set that many people do have, and you can use it for God's glory."

That's Ron Gunter with Orphan's Heart talking about a need they have for a team with carpentry skills in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Orphans Heart works with a missionary there who's "helping an entire village build homes. About 25 homes have been built so far," Gunter says.

That's not all. "Just recently, a community center was built as part of this master plan. The community center is going to be used for training people on different trades to get jobs, but it's also used as a church."

That's where your help is needed. Gunter says, "What we have is an immediate need to get a team of 6, 8, or 10 carpenters to go down to build the cabinetry that's needed in the community center, to build shelving, and also to build pews that will be used for the worship services on Sunday."

Gunter says they need an experienced team to go in and do this quickly. "We have our plans in place. We have the materials in place. We just need someone with the skills-set to do this."

While volunteers have to raise their own support for the week-long trip, Gunter says, "From the time you leave the airport, from the time you get back to the airport here in the states, everything is covered. We have the hotel, we have the transportation, all the meals." They just need willing Christians to help.

If you'd like to be a part of the team, or would like to put a team together quickly, go to, or you can call them at (305) 779 0827.



  • I am a skilled craftsman looking to come and devote my time to the project I feel as God is leading me to do his work please contact me if I can be of help I am excited about the opportunities God has for all of us. thank u and be Blessed my contact num is 404 451 4128 or 770 875 0700

  • My name is Scott Shannon, I’m a skilled carpenter with a need to help others, I’m a healthy 27 year old with carpentry skills in almost every field. I have a strong desire to use my skills in helping others.

  • John Stricklin, I have over twenty years building and installing cabinets plus other types of construction. I am interested in serving The Lord with my talents . Thank you

  • Matthew McGrath , I am 29 with over 10 years carpentry experience. I currently work for Viking yacht in the finish carpentry department. I work alongside many brothers in Christ that are from Honduras & El Salvador. In hearing many of these men’s testimonys the lord has strongly put on my heart to serve & trust in His will for my life! Thank you!

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