‘Carry Me’ CD inspires Christians to action

By August 15, 2013

JoshWilsonCarryMeUSA (MNN) — Sunshine beckons, you’ve had your weeks blocked for vacation, and nothing sounds better than chilled lemonade or iced tea over warm conversation.

But just because we’re relaxing in the summer season doesn’t mean we put our faith on auto-pilot.

You might have heard about our ‘Wake Me Up Summer’ campaign this month. It’s based off Josh Wilson’s newest CD called ‘Carry Me’.

Greg Yoder, Executive Director of Mission Network News (MNN), says he resonated with the song ‘Wake Me Up ’. “I was kind of listening to it and I thought, ‘Wow, that sounds like me. What have I been doing with my life and being proactive about sharing my faith?’ I got to thinking about how many listeners are like that today.”

Yoder goes on to explain, “I thought, well, if they ever wanted a way and a reason to help support MNN, this would be it because that’s the premise of MNN! Our desire is to encourage Christians to wake up really and understand that they can do something for Christ.”

We try to encourage believers to live out their faith through prayer, giving to support missions, or actually going and doing something with their faith. That can be as simple as sharing Christ with your neighbor or going on a missions trip.

‘Wake Me Up’ is the sixth song on Josh Wilson’s CD, ‘Carry Me’. Here’s an excerpt of the chorus:

Wake, wake me up, wake me up

Wake me up inside

Light up my heart with a spark

From Your burning light

God please just wake me up

Let Your love, let Your love

Open up my eyes

Light up my heart with a spark

From Your burning light

God please just wake me up

Yoder says there’s other encouraging songs in this CD too. “There’s another song on there that talks about someone who, in his mind, really isn’t fit to share Christ. He’s insecure, he doesn’t really have the tools we need to share our faith, but he’s saying [to the Lord], ‘Go ahead and use me anyway.’… There’s another song on the CD that talks about pushing back the dark and that’s really our goal as Christians is to push back the darkness, push back Satan. With what? The light of God’s Word.”

You can get a copy of Josh Wilson’s ‘Carry Me’ CD by securely donating your best gift to MNN. “Now when you help MNN, you’re probably thinking, ‘Well MNN is a news service.’ That’s true! But we are listening supported just like many radio stations that you listen to. We are totally dependent on people like you to support MNN financially. And so when you help MNN financially, you’re allowing us to really share every story we do on the air,” Yoder says.

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