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Published on 29 June, 2010

Case against ministry workers drags on

India (MNN) — Last August, we told you the story of an
attack on ministry workers in Karnataka State, India. 

On August 11, 80 ministry partners in the state
of Karnataka gathered at a 4-day training for the Year-Long Children's
Bible Clubs. Around midnight, after everyone had gone to
sleep, a mob of 20 Hindu extremists broke in, beat the trainees, and held them
against their will for at least 14 hours. Police arrived on the scene and
promptly arrested 8 of the Christians.

In spite of the injustice of the arrests and jailings, their
team never wavered from their purpose. Dave
Stravers with Grand Rapids, Michigan-based Mission India says they did what Paul and Silas did while in prison: "They
had more than 100 prisoners in their area. They started prayer meetings and worship services, and they had converts." 

Stravers  says eventually the team was released after
seven days behind bars. He says the
good news is: "The charges were dropped, except for the charge that they
were engaged in 'deliberate and malicious acts intended to outrage religious

The bad news? On July
1, the eight go back to court. Stravers remains confident in what God is
doing.  "There's no case against
them. They weren't doing anything to 'outrage religious feelings'. This is pure
intimidation. (It's) violent intimidation on the part of people who are very
upset. What they're really responding to is the growth of the church in this

Keep praying for courage and for open doors. "Many people
that we've been training, who are teaching children, leading adult literacy
training, and doing adult evangelism in this area, are very well received."

There's a lot that can be done to support this work. Click here for details. 

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