Cases now in court, but radicals threaten witnesses

By July 10, 2009

India (MNN) — Christian lawyers and social workers in India report that Christians are too scared to take the witness stand because of threats to their lives, according to International Christian Concern.

In August 2008, Hindu radicals began a four-month organized attack on Christians because they suspected their involvement in the murder of a Hindu religious leader. As many as 90
people died and 50,000 people were displaced because of the attacks.

Now that the cases of the Christians have been taken before the fast-track court, three Hindu men are reportedly traveling around in search of witnesses in the Sarangarh area. Some
who have promised to testify have come to court later and claimed that they don't
know anything. The court heard from reliable sources that one man's life was in danger if he were to testify. A lawyer connected with the cases said that the witnesses are becoming increasingly less cooperative.

If the threats continue, there is a fear that just sentences will not be given to the attackers. Reports of the threats are coming in from many areas of the district. 

The authorities are informed of the incidents. 

Pray that Christian's lives will be protected as they take courage and testify against their attackers. Pray that authorities will find the gunmen and stop their activity.  

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