CBI opens a new campus in Guam

By September 8, 2015
(Photo courtesy of CBI)

(Photo courtesy of CBI)

Guam (MNN) — American missionaries Rose and Tom Van Engen are working with Crossroad Bible Institute (CBI) to start and stabilize a new campus in Guam.

Rose, who was a U.S. CBI instructor, and her husband recently moved from Iowa to begin ministry work in the territory for the upcoming years. Luggage wasn’t the only thing they brought with them. They had the proposed idea to start a new CBI campus.

“They knew of Crossroad and said ‘Hey, can we help start the ministry in Guam and build it up, get it to be self-sustaining for future students?’ And we looked at the options, looked at what we were capable of, and thought this was an excellent way to further broadcast Christ’s news,” says CBI’s Jacob Busscher.

The ministry, which shares the Truth and message of the Gospel with prisoners, students, and their families, is working in prisons in more than 20 areas around the world, and now Guam is one of them.

CBI’s work is just taking off in the territory, but Buscher says there’s enough room for 500 to 600 students.

“We’re looking at about 12 students to begin with, and we have 15 potential students on the way.”

Some lessons can take as long as a month to send feedback and completed lessons back and forth between students and instructors. But CBI’s satellite campus courses are making it easier and more time-effective to confer with each other.

“There is a nice and–if I can say–convenient factor with the satellite campuses,” Busscher says.

“The biggest factor here is actually reducing the time for these students and then providing an opportunity for better engagement, quicker communication, and closer contacts with those [in the territory] and also to directly facilitate the lessons into these prisons.”

The use of satellite courses are helping students to quickly and deeply develop their relationship with Jesus, and they’re able to share what they’re learning with family members.

As the new campus in Guam is opening, Busscher says, “Right now, we’re looking actually for instructors who are able to help with these students.”

Are you up for the challenge? Contact CBI at 616-530-1300 or check them out online.

“We will gladly connect you, whether that’s through an instructor, an encouragement, whether that’s coming in to volunteer and helping with a lot of our newsletters that get sent out. Also, we are always looking for prayers.”

Pray for the growth and stability of the new campus, and for students and their families to have open hearts while hearing the Gospel.

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  • Rick Spieth says:

    I am a civil engineer with Professional Engineering Registration (PE) and a Licensed General Contractor (CGC) in Florida.

    I profoundly want to work for CB&I in Guam as a Construction Manager / Resident Engineer / Site Manager.

    I would like to make direct contact with the GUAM Program Manager to provide him/her with my Credentials; resume, cover letter, licenses, etc—but I do NOT have the name, email or phone # to provide that person with my superlative credentials—CAN YOU HELP ME by proving same ?

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