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Published on 24 January, 2012

CBI president writes ‘Seven Secrets for Success in the Workplace’

International (MNN) — Prison can be a dangerous and lonely place, but sometimes reentering society can be just as difficult. Many prisoners around the globe leave prison without an ounce of direction and end up incarcerated again.

Crossroad Bible Institute has always had a mission to share Jesus Christ with inmates by sharing the Good News, providing discipleship, and preparing ex-offenders for reentry into society. Now CBI has a resource to help ensure that prisoners who have given their lives to Christ will be successful once they leave their cells.

CBI president Dr. David Schuringa had written so many articles in the ministry's student newsletter about success in the work place, that he decided to expand the topic into a book. Schuringa's Seven Secrets for Success in the Workplace is now ready for purchase.

"When people put to work the secrets that are in this book, those people rise fast in the work place because bosses are looking for these kinds of people," explains Schuringa.

The book includes topics ranging from the basics of getting to work on time, to those as complex as maintaining a "110 percent" work ethic because of our responsibility to a working Creator.

"We work because we're made in God's image, and God works. We talk about the Father's working in eternity before time began, how He worked in creation, and how He continues to work in providence," says Schuringa. Those elements are all included in the book, which also outlines the Gospel message.

CBI wants to be able to give a book to every student upon reentry, but the book is for anyone, not just ex-offenders. It's a useful tool for any believer seeking to be a better steward of the job that God has given him.

The book can be purchased here for $9.99, or donations can be made to help send a book to an inmate. In fact, even if you purchase the book for yourself, all the proceeds will go to provide more books to ex-offenders to help them as they journey with Christ, often for the first time outside prison walls.

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