Celebrating an early Christmas

By August 18, 2015
(Photo courtesy For Haiti With Love via Facebook)

(Photo courtesy For Haiti With Love via Facebook)

Haiti (MNN) — Merry Christmas! A little early, you say? For Haiti With Love just had their 33rd annual Christmas in August dinner and auction, raising funds and receiving donations of toys, school supplies, and hygiene products for kids in Haiti.

“We have it in August, logistically, to be able to transport the gifts and food and things to have everything in place in Haiti for a party on Christmas Day for the poor children in the Cap-Haitian area,” says Eva DeHart, co-founder of For Haiti with Love.

Both a live and a silent auction were both held this year, featuring items ranging from a China dining set to Haitian woodwork and blown glass artwork.

While attenders and donors are helping to treat kids in Haiti, they also get a treat themselves.

For Haiti shares two videos with them: one that recaps what the ministry has done over the past year, and another to show the previous years’ Christmas party for the Haitian kids.

“They could intermittently watch the whole event of Christmas Day in Haiti last year,” DeHart says.

Donors get to watch kids eating a delicious meal, opening presents, and responding to the message of the Gospel.

“We try to make it unique and special enough that it isn’t like a leftover thing, but it is a very, very special event for [the kids],” says DeHart.

The ministry makes sure Christmas Day is something to look forward to, and it’s a way to equalize the year for children and their families.

But the best present kids receive is the Word of God.

“In Haiti, we share the Gospel with them. This year, we’re doing the JESUS film in Haitian Creole, the children’s version.”

The party is strictly for kids, but DeHart says they bring the Gospel home with them and share it with their parents and families.

“Children do lead them, and parents will tend to listen to the kids better than they will listen to a stranger,” she says.

“So if you can reach the children with the Gospel message and they share it with their parents, then you draw the parents into the family of God.”

The auction may be over, but For Haiti could still use your help to make 2015 a very merry Christmas for Haitian children.

“The more successful the fundraiser here, the more children get to come on Christmas Day there.”

Kids love toys, but school supplies and hygiene products are actually considered a luxury there. You can also make a cash donation and have For Haiti buy for you. Help out now!

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