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Published on 07 October, 2010

Celebration surrounds the dedication of a new ministry plane

International (MNN) — Nearly a year has
passed since the JAARS* dedication of a Quest Kodiak plane.

Last Saturday, history repeated
itself. The Wycliffe Bible translation support
ministry dedicated its second Quest Kodiak aircraft (#038) in service to the
Lord. The team is especially anxious to
get started servicing an area of the world with one of the greatest remaining
needs for Bible translation.

Papua New Guinea boasts more than 800 languages, of which
325 are still without Scriptures. Transportation is crucial to reaching these
isolated communities. A tool like a plane
means that missionaries, supplies, and other tools can be taken in and out of
rough terrain. 

The gradual fleet replacement comes as
the AV gas supply dwindles. The new
plane runs on a more affordable jet fuel, which is also readily
available in Papua New Guinea–its final destination. 

soon as the Kodiak's pre-flight inspections are completed, it will begin its
ferry flight across the world from Waxhaw, NC, to its new home–a trip of more than
15,000 miles. 

Engineers designed the aircraft specifically for missionary
and humanitarian aviation, and its energy-absorbing seats were designed by
JAARS engineers. The aircraft boasts greater range, speed, and load capacity
than the program's Cessna 206s,
yet it is capable of operating on runways almost as short.

for the crew as they prepare the Kodiak and manage logistics for the upcoming
trip. Even now, ask God to
protect the small aircraft and its pilots, and keep them safe when they begin
their journey. Click here to follow the journey. 

*JAARS is a non-profit organization committed to speeding
the work of Bible translation by providing technical support services and
resources to Wycliffe and other related organizations around the world.


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